Monday, February 21, 2011

Ultrasonic Sonar URF 1000

Measurement and Proximity Detection 

The URF 1000 series ultrasonic sensing modules provide distance measurement capability to embedded microcontroller or SBC devices. The URF 1000 control module (DSM) implements both proximity and distance measurement in a single embedded device. The DSM is ICSP (in circuit serial) programmable andprovides separate TTL control and ICSP ports to ease in circuit debugging. The URF 1000 series detection devices can detect stationary objects up to 3 meters. Distance measurement is implemented via a host controller which triggers and receives a modulated TTL signal which can beused by a microcontroller to calculate distance via 40KHz ultrasonic bursts.

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PICLinkRS232 controller module

The PICLinkRS232 controller module affords any microcontroller enthusiast an easy to construct mini-microcontroller module.  This embedded microcontroller is ICSP (in circuit serial) programmable and provides separate PORTA, PORTB, RS232 I/O ports as well as an integrated ICSP port to implement in circuit programming and debugging. On board host RS232 USART may be used to interface with a PC or any other serial communications devices like our 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi or 915MHz wireless modules. 

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