Friday, March 21, 2014

Genie Switch Cube Mobile Accessibility

Genie Master Cube 
Mobile accessibility for the disabled

Can you imagine controlling your home with smart device technology? 

"Mobile accessibility" in general terms is the art of making products, and web driven applications more usable to people with disabilities. Considering the advent of smart devices in the 21st Century there is truly no reason why the embedded device revolution should not revolutionize the way we designers build our products. Just a few weeks ago I began to think about how living with limited mobility does preset daily challenges in performing the basic tasks you and I take for granted. For this reason I have designed and developed the Genie Master Cube to be Mobile accessible. What this means is those things which normally require a fairly high level of manual dexterity may be reduced to a simple push of a button or a voice actuated command. For instance consider an elderly person who has an advanced arthritis. This condition may make it practically impossible to rotate a switch mechanism. When using smart device accessibility technology, this task now becomes much more manageable via a simple press of a button or voice activated command.

 As smart device technology of the 21st century improves, we should be designing more embedded devices which make our lives more manageable. When I think of scalability and manageability of our homes using smart technology, I will not be satisfied personally until all appliances in my home are completely interactive and accessible via the World Wide Web. The Genie Master Controller is just the kind of evolutionary embedded device that can help make this dream a reality. 

So Whats next on the horizon? iOS?

Time scheduling features which will revolutionize the way you interact and manage your home. Planning that next great getaway? Well don't worry everyone will think someones at home.

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GFSK90 915MHz ISM Radio

GFSK90 915-MHz ISM Radio 
902-928 MHz Programmable Radio

GFSK90 915MHz ISM Radio module designed for Industrial, Scientific, Medical and Home automation communications. This low cost communication module supports frequency-hopping spread-spectrum (FHSS) and supports wireless remote control, automated meter reading (metering) and sensing applications.

The 915-MHz ISM Band (902-928 MHz) is assigned to Industrial, Scientific, and Medical research and development in the US. According to FCC Part 15 there are no restrictions to the application or the duty cycle and affords for higher EIRP wave transmissions. Given the lack restrictions combined with higher transmissions power this band has become very popular for unlicensed short range applications which now include highway toll center monitoring, automated meter reading (metering), weather data collection systems, Home Automation, and industrial sensing/monitoring applications.

The GFSK90 ISM Radio shown in the image above is our RS485 enabled version which supports master, slave device addressability and supports 2 Analog, 2 Digital IOs or 1 Analog and 1 Digital IO.   

FCC Section 15.249

FCC section 15.249 allows 50 mV/m of electrical field strength at 3 meters distance in the frequency band of 902-928 MHz. This corresponds to an EIRP of -1.23 dBm.

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