Friday, February 28, 2014

Genie Switch Cube
Home Automation Supervisory Control
Genie Switch Cube (Home Automation Device) enables the end user (consumer) addressable end point control of common household loads such as Lamps, Holiday lighting, as well as low level environmental control. Current capabilities include activation and deactivation of two 110VAC switchable loads up to 4 Amps max (2A / port). Features include addressable switching, temperature sensing (with Genie Master Controller), and supervisory control of common household illumination devices.

Additional features provided by Genie Master Controller WiFi enabled client interface is necessary to manage loads in real time utilizing RTC (Real Time Clock) and web browser based event scheduler. The Master controller also implements Cube management and control features which enable each control end point to transmit and receive status updates as well as serve real time notification services to an internet enabled monitoring and scheduling service. The basic service will be offered with all Genie Master Controllers and may then be expanded to include a feature rich subscription service.

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